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We Specialize in Helping People with Resistant, Stubborn Belly Fat!

How can a person exercise and diet for years and still lose NO weight?

Most people are wasting time and effort simply because they DO NOT KNOW HOW to burn fat. And having CRAVINGS for carbs while doing a program means you are definitely NOT burning fat, you are burning sugar fuel.

In order to be solved, a tough problem has to be broken down into its smaller pieces before a solution can be found. In this seminar, Dr. Klinton Kranski, breaks down the problem of stubborn weight into its smaller pieces. This way each piece can be evaluated and looked at through the principles and natural laws of metabolism, hormones and fat burning.

Come to this extremely interesting and informative seminar, and learn HOW THE BODY BURNS FAT.

With nearly a decade in practice, Dr. Kranski has observed that people fall into one of four distinct body shapes. Interestingly, each body shape (or type) has a list of clearly perceived characteristics. Since the metabolic rate is controlled by hormones, and hormones are influenced by what you put IN your body and HOW you exercise, it is vitally important to learn how these factors all work. This seminar will give you essential insights into the nature of and strategies for handling the different body types and how each one stores and burns fat.

Let’s just take the subject of exercise. Did you realize that the majority of people exercising are getting, maybe at best, only 5 percent of the benefits they really should be getting? What a waste of valuable time. In our testing, we found that those with weight issues are NOT using the correct intensity, duration and frequency to activate their major fat-burning hormone, called growth hormone. Instead they are working against the natural rhythms of hormones, undermining the potential benefits. Each person is different and it is vital to find the correct exercise for one’s individual body type. Two people can be doing the same volume of exercise each day, but it’s the WAY it is done that makes the difference.

This educational seminar will take you way beyond simple dieting, as there are many factors relating to the hormone influences of weight loss. Did you know there are over 600 hormones in your body? Out of those 600 hormones, about 6 of them are responsible for burning fat. Each of these 6 is influenced by foods, exercise, sleep and stress. The goal is to use all of these elements to benefit the body type.

Sound Too Good to Be True?

You need to be skeptical; it’s healthy! There is so much worthless information being promoted that it’s hard to distinguish between the good and the bad. Our seminar is not a sales pitch to get you to buy the latest “wonder weight-loss pill”; it’s a valuable educational experience in promoting and improving health so that you can lose weight. If it makes sense to you and you then decide to come in for a consultation, that will be up to you—there will be absolutely no pressure.

Dr. Klinton Kranski

Dr. Klinton Kranski


Klinton Kranski, D.C., A.C.N. is a Chiropractor and Applied Clinical Nutritionist who specializes in weight loss through nutrition and other natural methods. His private practice is located in Richmond, Virginia.  His patients include high level executives, nurses, engineers, professors and those from other walks of life.  He has extensive training dealing with weight, restless sleep and chronic pain issues and has helped thousands of patients with these issues. 

Dr. Kranski has always aspired to have a practice that would allow him to spend time listening to his patients.  His compassionate nature helps his patients achieve their goals through the education of plausible solutions. 

Dr. Kranski has a dedicated and committed interest in a more natural approach to healthcare.  His interest began early on in chiropractic college.  He became keenly aware of the benefits and traveled down many holistic roads.

Today, after many years in practice, Dr. Kranski continues to study, attend seminars and pursue clinical excellence by keeping up with new information that may be helpful to his patients.


What's Really Behind Your Belly Fat?

Learn more about this seminar ...

What's Really Behind Your Belly Fat? Learn more about this seminar ...

What You’ll Learn at the Belly Fat Advanced Weight Loss Seminar

  • The four different body types, and what’s really behind each one.
  • The biggest reason why most people have a difficult time getting into fat–burning mode, despite lots of exercise and diet.
  • Strategies to get rid of belly fat including a full understanding of the activation–recovery cycles of exercise.
  • How to reduce cravings for the things that are unhealthy.
  • Find out why many people plateau with their weight within the first two weeks of any program.
  • Learn what time of the day the body best burns fat.
  • Find out more about your body type.
  • Find out what body type should NOT be exercising right away.
  • The three things that nullify fat–burning hormones.
  • The single biggest mistake people make while exercising, which slows the fat burning process.
  • What potential imbalances a body could have when it craves sweets, starches, breads, chocolate, chips, ice, or grapefruit. Different cravings indicate different things.
  • The "drink more water" myth, and why drinking more water might not help you lose or burn fat.
  • Learn the menopausal connection to weight gain.
  • Why calories look at fat–burning hormones differently.
  • Learn why the "consume–less–fat" myth might not help you with weight loss.
  • Understanding of the fat burning influences over food and exercise.

Seminar Location: 555 Southlake Blvd., Richmond, VA 23236. The office is located off of Courthouse Road near Midlothian Turnpike.

Date/Time: The workshop is held at least once a week. Call for the next date and time.

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Ed – “The Technique is truly amazing. I had tried everything to lose weight with very little success. Since starting in April, I’ve lost 38 pounds, skin irritations that I had for 10 years are gone, energy level has at least tripled, and blood pressure has dropped to normal levels after being on medication for 20 years. I would recommend the total program to anyone. At 55, I feel better than I have in 25 years.”

Beth – “When I started seeing Dr. Kranski I was having issues with my right knee swelling, major pain in my lower abs and back area, mind–clarity, thyroid issues, fatigue, no energy, and periods out of control. Also, I had a weight problem all over my body; especially in my lower stomach area and upper back area. Since May 1 when starting the liver enhancement program and following everything Dr. Kranski told me to do, I have lost 33.5 lbs., my lower stomach is melting away (which I have never been able to lose or flatten before on any other diet).  My knee pains are gone, I have increased energy, my finger nails and hair are growing stronger and longer, and my sleep has improved. My self–esteem has come back. I am receiving compliment after compliment. When people ask how I have done this, I tell them about Dr. Kranski and the program. It takes a lot of control and power, but I believe that if I did this then anyone can have a success story like mine. Dr. Kranski is wonderful; he has the answer for you when you are ready.” 

Carolyn – I started this program in order to get my body in better shape. I had gotten sluggish and overweight. My stress level was tremendous. Today I feel like a new person. I am handling stress at a new level. I have lost 22.5 lbs., which is 2.5 lbs. past my goal. I think that this program is a great one. I never felt hungry or had the cravings as in previous weight loss programs. I think that I will be able to stay on a healthy lifestyle because of this program. The staff is great and Doc is wonderful!”

Jeanne – All of you have been so helpful to me! I feel like I am going through a life changing experience. The technique is hard to explain to anyone, but I see where it works wonders.  I will continue to soldier on until I beat the battle of the bulge. It’s the support of you three that keeps me going. Thanks again and have a nice day!”

Deputy Hill – “Thank you for allowing me to express my feelings. After 5 weeks on the program, I went to my medical doctor for my quarterly checkup. I am a type one diabetic for the last 46 years. I lost 10 pounds, my blood pressure dropped from 136/90 to 120/60.  I reduced my insulin from 48 units a day to 24 units a day. I also lost 1 inch in my waist and am able to raise both my arms over my head for the first time in over 9 years without crying in pain after the first visit. My doctor was so amazed that he wanted to try this himself and to tell his other diabetic patients. If I can do it, so can anyone else who really wants to. I thank GOD for putting you in my path, and you for sharing this wonderful plan to others like me.”

Liz – “When I saw the advertisement, I thought this couldn’t help me. I saw it a few more times before; I called and made an appointment to hear more about the program. When I went to the seminar, they started talking about the food we are going to eat. I knew I was in trouble. I don’t like fruit or vegetables. So I knew it was going to be hard for me. But I tried everything else, why not this too. I started on Jan. 22 weighing in at 258. I was feeling overweight, depressed, fatigue, no energy and my feet were swollen. The first week I lost about 11 pounds and I was feeling sooo much better. I have more energy and I can sleep through the whole night. I was not tired or moody. I began losing more and more weight and now I have a feeling of peace with myself. I don’t get winded when I go up and down stairs. I was also having problems with my knee. After a few visits my knee did not hurt any longer. I noticed that my hunger is tapering off and I don’t need to eat as much anymore. This is my 11th week on the program and I weighed in at 219. People are starting to notice the weight coming off. That is a nice feeling. Everyone wants to know my secret, how I am losing weight. This program helped me to be a better person and eat healthier.”

Wayne – “I first listened to your seminar and was a little skeptical, but needed help desperately. I had tried several diets with some success but always gained the weight back because I could not exercise with arthritic knees; with your program I have been able to at least loose a pound a week. I started your program about 10 weeks ago at 346 pounds. As of today, I am down to 318 pounds. I was not sleeping very well because of the weight but now I am sleeping the whole night, due to the technique. I have set a goal of 225 pounds. The two major points of the technique for me was the sleep and bladder adjustment, they were the 2 that were most noticeable to me right away. The first two weeks were tough but with the encouragement of you and your staff I was able to keep with the program and I am still losing weight.”

Debbie – “I met Dr. Kranski at a seminar. I watched Dr. Kranski take the pain (shoulder) away from a middle aged woman. I still did not believe what he was doing. I made an appointment to do a consultation.  He knew I had very bad hot flashes. I did not want to believe. But, you will not believe this; I no longer have hot flashes.”

Delia – “I attended one of the free seminars for people with belly fat. What I heard at the seminar impressed me and I decided to sign up for the program. During the program I lost my desire for sweets, was never hungry and began to feel better. At the end of the program I had lost 13 pounds. Not only did I lose weight, my blood sugars dropped and I lost the aches and pains in my knees, neck and ankle. My energy level has soared. I feel great. This is one program I have recommended and will continue to recommend.”

Karen – ’We must be the change we wish to see’ (Mahatma Gandhi). This is so true for so many things, but nothing truer than our health, our weight, our environment; organically. With Dr. Klinton Kranski & his knowledgeable staffs’ guidance, I think I’m permanently well on my way to better health and a weight that once off, will not return. This is the first time in the 40 years I’ve been dieting that begins with becoming healthy internally first and then the poundage will come off permanently then a healthier and doable lifestyle change. I sleep better. I have less pain in my right knee and across my shoulders and I’m gradually losing a pound of weight a week. I feel healthier, more energy ,I feel like a thinner person, inside and that is what is going to make me a thinner person outside. Plus the right type of exercise for my hormones. They never said it would be easy and believe me, it isn’t–––but just the energy I’m gaining back and the confidence (I thought I’d lost forever) is well in sight. Dr. Kranski, you took away my regular morning cup of coffee, my twice a week glass of red wine (or white, depending) with our Italian pasta dishes, Chinese spareribs, moo–shoo pork, etc., etc., and a fabulous piece of dark chocolate, not to mention breads and brown rice, sweet potatoes, and on and on. All in exchange for bitter “unsweetened” cranberry juice and lots of cruciferous vegetables and some fruit, plenty of salads I was very familiar with back in my modeling days (hated salads even then). I love the fish, cheese, and nuts!!! More so, I love the way I’m beginning to feel. The more energy, the sounder sleep, less pain, and I really truly feel much thinner now and I know this will all be worth my ‘new lifestyle’ I will keep it up until I reach my goal. Everyday gets easier and I have lost all cravings within those first few.  If it wasn’t for you and your wonderful, sweet and caring staff, I don’t know if I could have made it, but I will. Thank you all for  your encouragement and help. I will miss all of you, but I’ll keep in touch with my progress. Thank you.”

Stephanie – “Thank you doesn’t even begin to express my gratitude for everything you did. I love how passionate and confident you are in everything you do. It is your passion and charisma that I believe has brought you to be the extraordinary and successful doctor you are today. Most people search a lifetime and never find all the qualities you carry. I also want to thank you for the book and many of the natural pills. I am looking forward to reading the book (which I can’t put down) and applying that along with your advice to my life. Thank you again for everything!”


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